About me

Hi there, I'm Bilal.
Product Designer based in Dubai 🇦🇪.
I'm a creative professional working over 6 years, in product design and brand identity.
I take a goal-driven-design approach based on user data analysis to find the perfect balance between usability and aesthetics.
I've gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise by working on a wide variety of projects for clients including Emaar, Advance Auto Parts, Victoria’s Secret, GoPro, Stericycle, and Spark NZ.

Bilal Mohammad - Headshot


Rapid Prototypes
User Flows
Experience Design
Interface Design
Design System
Visual Design
Icon Design
UI Animation
2D Animation
Brand Identity

How I Work / Design Process

Pencils before pixels. Before jumping into screen design, I always make sure that I'm asking the right questions and trying to accomplish the right challenges. This stage includes market research, competitive analysis, consulting and exploring possible solutions through wireframes.

Rapid prototyping. In this phase, I focus more on rapid execution of design concepts. I tend to do iterations faster and in more collaborative manner with all the team members and stakeholders.

Design for the users. I like to validate the design concepts with users to help understand the areas of improvement and make solutions based on user pain points through extensive user testing & validation before jumping into pixel-perfect production-ready screen designs.

It's not done until it ships. Complete handover of production ready design assets to developers and to make sure they understand the functionality and design thinking. I like to partner with front-and-back-end developers till the product launch.

Tool Set

After Effects

Clients / Collaborations


"Bilal demonstrates great skill as a product designer and has stepped up to the plate to lead others. He always makes an effort to perform above and beyond expectations and makes sure tight deadlines get hit."

Ellen Johnston
Experienced Co-Founder and Entrepreneur

“As a product manager, I had the pleasure of working with Bilal to design and build a B2C mobile app for a retailer in the US. In the concept phase, Bilal made high fidelity screens quickly, and to a high degree of quality. He not only took direction well, but provided content expertise and was proactive in suggesting and implementing improvements that were additive to the designs. For the design of the screens for the full build, we built hundreds of screens covering many different edge cases. Bilal had a clear understanding of the functionality of the app and the underlying reasons why things had to work a certain way, which made him extremely effective and allowed us to cover a lot of ground quickly. Overall, Bilal was a pleasure to work with, a great UI/UX designer, and someone who I would be excited to work with again.”

Behrad Javed
Head of Operations & Product at Imagine Impact

"We worked with Bilal across various aspects of design for the Babblbox platform. In that capacity Bilal oversaw and managed our overall design aesthetic. He also created landing page assets, social media advertising assets and redesigned our core value unit. He is an extremely talented designer and he takes great pride in presenting excellent work. He is a pleasure to work with!"

Amir al-Arnaouti
President at Babblbox